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We gather the axperts who are industry elites and well-known in related industries to meet the core needs of users, to improve the customer production process standards and reduce the production energy consumption. we import and management and apply the mature and advanced fluid technologies at home and abroad and use the efficient and optimized management and operration systems, isist the rigorous and mrticulous works style, we have successfully developed the high-performance aluminum alloy series and all-stainless steel series fluid transfer systems with the features of beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection , quick installation, stability,durability,corrosion resistance, zero leakage and safety accidents, which meet the manufacturing of the aerospace, automotive, precision electronics, machinery packaging and printing, home appliances furniture, tobacco, food, pharmaceutical and other high-end industries demands . And reach the pipeline system which can use the best and exclusive design and system configuration , achive the zero loss of pure fluid from air compressor station to the terminal, ensure the safety of the related equiment and the stability of product quality and achieve the excellent energy consumption ratio.

'Kang De Le ' is not only an enterprise but also a career, a responsibility, a culture, a heritage . we firmly isist the business belief of ' health-oriented, vitue highlight the world and enjoy life' , adhering to the business philosophy of ' Honesty - oriented, innovation ia the soul', committed to privide the comprehensive solution of the fluid transfer system for the users , improving the user's productivity constantly, product cost performance and profit growth point and achieving the steady development of the enterprises and the ambitious goal pf taking off the cause.

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